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We all know that a swimming pool does not clean itself, despite our advancements in technology in the 20th century. If you own a pool it’s a good thing to have a pool service professional on call. Developing a reliable maintenance plan is crucial to the longevity of your swimming pool investment.

While most pools & spas may be efficiently designed allowing for extended periods without service before they turn green, for example, even more swimming pools are a bit more difficult to maintain. In either case, it is always best to service a swimming pool every 7 days.

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When cleaning a pool, think of the process in a “top-down” method. Starting with all serviceable items at the water level, and then proceeding to vacuuming and finishing off with a good brushing.

The best pool maintenance plan to follow is weekly full service, that takes about 1 hour to complete once each week. Here are the key points of service to perform:


  • Visually check the pool water level
  • Add water to proper level as needed
  • Ensure the pool has been on for the day


  • Net and skim out surface debris
  • Empty the skimmer baskets
  • Empty & clean the auto pool cleaner
  • Vacuum interior
  • Brushing of pool interior
  • Visual inspection of pool equipment
  • Empty & clean pool pump strainers
  • Check the pool filter running PSI
  • Reset & prime system
  • Water Testing Analysis
  • Chemical Adjustments

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The right pool cleaning tools will make all of the difference in efficiency and quality of pool maintenance. Our team is trained using self-powered cleaning systems that will not add stress to your pool system.

Highly efficient commercial grade pool cleaning equipment improves quality and efficiency, allowing for our pool techs to spend more time per pool on other details that help make us different than the average pool maintenance company in Montgomery County.

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