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We all know that a swimming pool does not clean itself, despite our advancements in technology in the 20th century. If you own a pool it’s a good thing to have a pool service professional on call. Developing a reliable maintenance plan is critical to the longevity of your swimming pool investment.

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While most pools & spas may be efficiently designed allowing for extended periods without service before they turn green, for example, even more swimming pools are a bit more difficult to maintain. In either case, it is always best to service a swimming pool every 7 days.

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Once per week you or a trained professional should be checking out a few things to ensure there are no problems, and to keep up with changing pool chemical demands. Allowing your pool to go longer than 7 days without some type of basic service will end with problems.

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When cleaning a pool, think of the process in a “top-down” method. Starting with all serviceable items at the water level, and then proceeding to vacuuming and finishing off with a good brushing.

By the time you or our trained service tech has completed the weekly service you will have touched nearly 95% of the pool surfaces or materials. The best pool maintenance plan to follow is weekly full service, that takes about 1 – 2 hours to complete once each week.

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What happy pool owners are saying about us

Chris V
Chris V
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"The white scale that was on my pool tiles for years is now gone and the tile looks brand new! I am very happy with the results."
Tracy S
Tracy S
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"By far the best value pool service for the monthly rate that I have had in years. So professional and always on time, thanks!"
Josh B
Josh B
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"My pool renovation experience was fast. This team was focused on how the pool would look when completed. My pool looks amazing thank you."

Each of our pool maintenance plans are provided on a weekly basis, usually the same day each week. We have several weekly pool maintenance price plans to choose from.

Weekly Pool Service Plans

Pool Service Plan

Weekly pool service plans to choose from
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  • Pool Chemicals
  • Equipment Inspection
  • ... and more.

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