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Swimming Pool Remodeling Overview

Swimming Pool remodeling is a general term used when describing making certain changes to the pool at one time, such as a combination of resurfacing, tile and coping replacement would be considered a pool remodeling project. Certain items can be replaced or re-finished individually, and some can not.

For example, you may not be able to replace only the pool coping without damages to the pool tile and, you can not replace only the pool tile without creating damages to the interior surface.

In-ground Pool Renovation is a term used when making vastly larger and more extreme change to the pool or spa such as changing the shape, adding a spa to an existing pool, or other considerably large improvements.


As most swimming pool renovation projects go this all happens in stages. The overall process of a swimming pool remodel project is basically the same major steps with a few other details included, depending on the scope of work. Our approach to the pool remodeling process starts with an expert background in engineering and construction with over 20 years in the field service. Our mission is to show you the realistic design opportunities that may be hiding within your current pool design layout.


You can (and should) combine other pool repairs & upgrades that need to be addressed or added at the time you do anything major like remodeling. In this project, in just a few weeks our team was able to change the total look of this pool but also make some minor improvements along the way.


  1. Drain down and prepare the pool for the work
  2. Demo & remove the old out dated waterfall
  3. Clean up the area and prepare for the new materials
  4. The considerations are important, and the signs that you need to make some major improvements might be obvious but some may not.

Pool Interior Surfaces

  • Standard pool interior pool surfaces
  • Performance pool interior finishes
  • Resurface inside of pool

Tile & Coping

  • Standard pool waterline tiles
  • Accent tiles
  • Premium glass pool tiles

Decking Surfaces

  • Cool Deck / Spray Deck Textured
  • Overlay textured
  • Flagstone, Tile, or paver decking surfaces


For inground pools there are several main categories that can be included with a pool remodel project, such as:

  • Interior
  • Beam
  • Decking
  • Equipment

These categories include items within that you may be able to repair or remodel individually.

Pool Interior

The material inside of your in-ground swimming pool is what keeps the water from soaking through the concrete structure, and also is the finishing surface that is to feel nice and look good. There are varieties of swimming pool surface plasters to choose from with colors ranging from white to black and every shade of blue in between. When considering to remodel your pool, resurfacing the interior can be done as a single job or combined with other work.


Pool Beam

At the water’s edge sits the pool coping, usually brick, travertine, flagstone and the waterline tiles which are usually ceramic, and some being glass tiles. If you have missing, broken, cracked pool tiles it may be time to remodel. You should not replace the pool tiles without also including pool resurfacing.



We can help you add some more patio space, or simply change the look of your existing pool deck.

  • Cool Deck
  • Travertin Pavers
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Stamped Overlay Concrete

Pool Equipment

Pool equipment can be repaired until the parts for them can no longer be located. Old pool equipment is usually replaced with updated and more energy efficient models like variable speed pool pumps, and cartridge filters or digital control systems. Many of our clients choose to upgrade their main pool pumps to variable speed because of the large savings in energy use to operate the pool each year.

Our techs are always on the look-out for broken or weakened coping stones, cracks in the pool interior plaster, and leaks on the equipment pad to make sure any issues are caught before getting out of hand.


Sometimes we are contracted to remodel an old swimming pool just because the owner does not like the way it looks. Taking a proactive approach to the overall integrity of a swimming pool is also important. Most of the signs that an in-ground pool needs a major repair or renovation include the following:


Included with each of our weekly pool maintenance plans our techs will always visually inspect your pool and equipment to make sure everything is running top notch before it turns into a large pool repair or remodeling project.

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