Total Pool & Spa Renovation in 77356

Complete pool remodel Montgomery, TX

Our team takes a 10 year old concrete pool & spa to turn into a whole new look for this backyard paradise near Lake Conroe in Montgomery, Texas. See how this swimming pool transformed into a brand new looking backyard retreat, you can hardly tell it’s the same pool!

swimming pool remodeling before after photos 77356


Initially our Montgomery pool service team was contacted to perform a green pool cleaning service after the client had recently acquired the new home in the Walden Rd area of Montgomery, TX. Upon a comprehensive swimming pool inspection the team was able to determine the reason for the pool turning green and had provided a detailed quotation to make needed repairs & upgrades.

green swimming pool cleaning service 77356 77316

Preliminary Work Required:

Having quick success in clearing up the pool the owner decided it was best to perform the recommended upgrades & repairs which included:

  • Replace the old sand filter with a new cartridge pool filter
  • Update valves for air leaks
  • Repair fittings on pool cleaner pump

swimming pool parts and equipment repairs montgomery county, tx

During the short week that it took to fully correct the pool chemicals we were busy with considering options for updating this pool to make it more fitting for the client. Although they liked the pool & spa our customer knew there were options to make a better impression. When purchasing a new home some buyers may love the pool while others see it as a canvas to create something different.


Like so many aged swimming pools (over 10 years old) it was showing signs of stress and wear that were causing some problems, not to mention the desire to make it look more updated. Our team was happy to accommodate the client in reviewing all of their options when it came to creating a noteworthy pool renovation result.


The customer had a limited knowledge of what type of swimming pool materials were available. By looking at some pool pictures on Pinterest or Houzz and our website they were able to determine what type of style they liked. Our team translated their descriptions into several possible material examples that could work and the client decided on the following;

  • Travertine Noche – Pool Coping
  • Travertine Noche – Splitface veneer (spa)
  • 6 x 6 Ceramic – Pool Tiles
  • Mosaic Glass tile – Accents & spillway
  • Quartz Finish – Pool interior (Luna Quartz Aruba)
  • Cool Deck – Concrete refinishing

pools spas renovation resurfacing montgomery county, texas

As you can see a great blend of colors and textures with a slight minimalist tone to this pool & spa remodeling project.


swimming pool remodeling water features montgomery, county texas

This was a typical renovation project although not without some unique challenges and certain minimum requirements. Based on what our customer wanted to accomplish and the materials chosen we lined out all of the details to the work that would be needed as follows:

swimming pool remodeling company montgomery county, tx


The total scope included even more details than mentioned above. For quality results on a pool remodel project the most important details are in the preparation of materials in each point of the process. In some cases weather can play a big factor in the overall time it will take to complete a pool renovation.

This project took 4 weeks of working time to complete with 2 weeks added for some additional delays associated with client change orders and adding more to the project than was originally planned & scoped.


Factors and variables affect the price of one pool renovations project to another. In some cases a simple pool resurfacing could cost $5,000 – $6,000. More involved swimming pool remodeling can sometimes be as much as purchasing a new swimming pool, it all depends on what you want the results to be.

This project cost ranged from $21,000 – $23,000

Swimming pool renovation quotes are largely determined by the size of the pool and or spa followed by the type of materials chosen.

swimming pool remodeling and repairs montgomery, tx 77356 77316

Swimming pool remodeling repair company, montgomery county, texas

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New Pool Renovation Montgomery TX


Your Pool Service of Texas (Montgomery Team) renovates a swimming pool in Montgomery County. This post features a recent project by our Montgomery, TX pool remodeling team. They have taken a 15 year old inground gunite swimming pool and refinished most of the original materials including the pool interior finish, tile and coping replacement, new waterline tiles, replace control joint sealant, reconfigured the pool main waterfall, AND added a new section of the re finished concrete deck! This pool in Grand Lake Estates got the first class treatment, find out how they did it below.

before after photos swimming pool remodeling project texas

Description of Project:
This was an old gunite pool built by BH-Pools about 15 to 18 years ago, the customer is not exactly sure how old it may be. Our client called us after becoming frustrated with several problems from the aged pool equipment to the leaking water feature. As you can see, the waterfall was not the greatest design and needed to be redone or knocked down! Our customer had dealt with an unfinished concrete surface for many years which was both hot and harsh on bare feet.

Project Location Area
This project was performed in Montgomery, TX 77316. Grand Lake Estates is a gated golfing community with an architects association (GLE-HOA) and some special approvals were needed before we could begin the project.

swimming pool remodeling resurfacing company montgomery, tx 77316 77356

Tasks to Complete:
Our renovation team was called upon to perform a complete make-over of this backyard pool area. The items that needed to be addressed were numerous and not without some challenges requiring creative solutions. Our Montgomery team met with their client and walked through the scope of work that was needed for this pool remodeling project and here’s what they found needed to be done:

  • Replace the aged cast concrete coping
  • Replace the pool waterline tiles
  • Resurface the pool interior
  • Upgrade the pool light to color LED
  • Rebuild a new water feature
  • Add new concrete section & re finish the deck
  • Performed a leak detection on the plumbing lines
  • Update all the pool equipment to new standard codes
  • Serviced the pool equipment
  • Manually cleaned the pool filter
  • Professional pool chemicals startup
  • Serviced with weekly maintenance

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Recent Pool & Spa Renovation Conroe, TX 77302

Pool Renovation Project 77302

At Your Pool Service renovate & restore swimming pools & spas of various shapes, sizes and features all around Texas. This article features a recent project by our Conroe pool remodeling team. They have taken a 12 year old gunite swimming pool and upgraded most of the original materials including pool interior resurface, tile & coping replacement, new waterline tiles, replace mastic sealant, reconfigured the pool main water feature and more! Read more

Recent Pool Remodel in TX, 77381

New Pool Renovation Project

Our company performs swimming pool rehab & remodeling tasks throughout Texas. We were given the opportunity to renovate a swimming pool in The Woodlands, TX 77381 area and everyone is pleased with the results. Our Conroe Pool Service team was able to show this pool owner what pool-interior finish was the best option for their desire & budget plus a few added cosmetic items to freshen up the look of this 15+ year old pool in TX, 77381

completion of swimming pool renovation the woodlands, tx 77381

We were tasked with the following goals:

Within 3 weeks we had to have the following completed;

Budget: $8,000 – $9,000.00

Having a pool over 15 years old including resurfacing from previous owners made for a bit of extra work. To properly prepare the original pool interior surface our team had to strip the old coatings down to the gunite layer.

Materials & Products Used:

wet edge luna quartz pool resurfacing repair remodel texas

Product Used in this project: Wet Edge Pool Interior Finish: Luna Quartz – Pacific

Before & After Pool Renovation

This client chose a beautiful blue pool interior called “Luna Quartz: Pacific” giving it a true tropical oasis vibe with the surrounding landscape. Combining upgraded glass 1×2 pool tiles known as “Trim Tiles” really sets off a custom appearance. Hard to believe that this pool is over 15 years old!

swimming pool resurfacing remodel project in the woodlands 77381

Image Gallery

Our team had fun finishing this pool resurfacing project in less than 4 weeks, and now our client is enjoying a like-new pool & spa!
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Why you should remodel your pool

There are many reasons for renovating your swimming pool, some extensive, and others very basic. In terms of swimming pool remodeling either you HAVE to remodel it due to major repairs or updates, or you WANT to renovate because you are tired of the same old pool.

If you have bought an old house that has a pool in disrepair you may want to consider putting forth the extra time & cash to have a professional renovate or rehab it for you.

  • Save money on energy costs operating your pool.
  • Enjoy staring into the water more by upgrading the interior finish.

Swimming Pool Renovation in Texas

Swimming Pool Restoration

In-ground Swimming Pools


In this article we will be providing some general knowledge and advice for swimming pool restoration projects. How a restoration is different from a pool remodeling project, but may involve some of the same tasks or related pool services.

Specifically we will be talking about gunite swimming pools that are in-ground. If you do not know what “gunite” is we will cover that topic in another post, just know that these pools are also called concrete swimming pools.

To get a good idea of the difference between pool remodeling and pool restoration is to know that in many cases, a restoration project may not include the replacement of materials, parts, or equipment. A restoration is about refurbishing the already existing materials that are installed to the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Tiles

For example, in many cases instead of completely replacing the pool waterline tiles, we can offer a more affordable solution like “Media Blasting” which will clean the tiles and remove the hard water line.

This pool tile cleaning service produces immediate results, is guaranteed and environmentally friendly.

swimming pool restoration service conroe, tx 77304 77302 77301

This method of restoring swimming pool tiles can also be used on the pool coping stone or water features such as waterfalls or raised walls. Unless you just hate your pool tiles then this is one affordable way to restore the like-new look!

Pool Decking

Depending on the type of pool decking that is installed, you may have options to restore. Types of swimming pool decking surfaces that are easily restored are:

  • Spray Deck / Cool-Deck
  • Pea Gravel
  • Wood (Stained, Treated, Natural)

In most cases if the damages to the pool deck are not substantial enough to warrant replacement the surfaces above can easily be restored with a variety of techniques.

Swimming Pool Interior

Pool interior surfaces can be restored in only a few different ways before the material will need to be resurfaced. A a general rule, the pool interior surface should last up to 10 years without any major flaws, unless the water chemistry of the pool was not well-kept.

Some performance pool plaster surfaces are expected to last longer, such as quartz and pebble pool finishes, and the results may vary on the manufacture and the applicator. Resurfacing a swimming pool after 15 years of use is not surprising at all.

Here is a video about various swimming pool restoration options:

Pool Remodeling Process

Concrete Pool Remodeling & Renovations

Remodeling a swimming pool is a process. Read this post to find out all you need to know for your next pool remodeling project. If you have found this article chances are that you may have a swimming pool that could use a bit of TLC, maybe even a total make-over.

The structure of a swimming pool may remain intact for a lifetime, but over the decades of use and weather some of the materials used to create that once beautiful look may become faded, damaged, broken, or missing and needs to be replaced.

Swimming Pool Remodeling Overview

Swimming Pool remodeling is a general term used when describing making certain changes to the pool at one time, such as a combination of resurfacing, tile and coping replacement would be considered a pool remodeling project. Certain items can be replaced or re-finished individually, and some can not.

For example, you may not be able to replace only the pool coping without damages to the pool tile and, you can not replace only the pool tile without creating damages to the interior surface.

In-ground Pool Renovation is a term used when making vastly larger and more extreme change to the pool or spa such as changing the shape, adding a spa to an existing pool, or other considerably large improvements.

A basic pool remodel includes: tile replacement, coping repairs, pool interior resurface

A pool renovation could include: pool tile, coping, interior surface, add a spa to pool, replace concrete decking, add outdoor kitchen…etc

Preparing for the job:

swimming pool renovations ideas cost near me conroe, tx 77304 77302 77301

When remodeling a swimming pool, preparation is key to lasting quality. Be sure to check with your swimming pool remodeling contractor about the proper methods of prepping your pool for a remodel or renovation job.

pool resurfacing cost near me conroe, tx 77304 77302 77301

There is much demolition and construction debris created when preparing an inground swimming pool for remodel, and a major part of the process is to always create weeping holes in the bottom of the pool so that any water trapped under may be released without applying pressure to the structure of the pool.

Read more – Get all the information you need here > Swimming Pool Remodeling & Renovations

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