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Your Pool Service of Texas (Montgomery Team) renovates a swimming pool in Montgomery County. This post features a recent project by our Montgomery, TX pool remodeling team. They have taken a 15 year old inground gunite swimming pool and refinished most of the original materials including the pool interior finish, tile and coping replacement, new waterline tiles, replace control joint sealant, reconfigured the pool main waterfall, AND added a new section of the re finished concrete deck! This pool in Grand Lake Estates got the first class treatment, find out how they did it below.

before after photos swimming pool remodeling project texas

Description of Project

This was an old gunite pool built by BH-Pools about 15 to 18 years ago, the customer is not exactly sure how old it may be. Our client called us after becoming frustrated with several problems from the aged pool equipment to the leaking water feature. As you can see, the waterfall was not the greatest design and needed to be redone or knocked down! Our customer had dealt with an unfinished concrete surface for many years which was both hot and harsh on bare feet.

Project Location Area

This project was performed in Montgomery, TX 77316. Grand Lake Estates is a gated golfing community with an architects association (GLE-HOA) and some special approvals were needed before we could begin the project.

swimming pool remodeling resurfacing company montgomery, tx 77316 77356

Tasks to Complete

Our renovation team was called upon to perform a complete make-over of this backyard pool area. The items that needed to be addressed were numerous and not without some challenges requiring creative solutions. Our Montgomery team met with their client and walked through the scope of work that was needed for this pool remodeling project and here’s what they found needed to be done:

  • Replace the aged cast concrete coping
  • Replace the pool waterline tiles
  • Resurface the pool interior
  • Upgrade the pool light to color LED
  • Rebuild a new water feature
  • Add new concrete section & re finish the deck
  • Performed a leak detection on the plumbing lines
  • Update all the pool equipment to new standard codes
  • Serviced the pool equipment
  • Manually cleaned the pool filter
  • Professional pool chemicals startup
  • Serviced with weekly maintenance

Materials Selected

As part of the quotation process our team will meet with you to make all of your material selections. After looking over the options available our client will decide on a great set based on complimentary colors & texture and their own personal taste.

finished pool remodel project resurface interior tx, 77316

Once the materials & quotation have been finalized and in order to create the new-pool-look there were several major tasks that had to be completed.

working on swimming pool renovation montgomery tx 77316

We were able to help our client decide on a new pool LED light, and a chlorine replacement system to improve their experience and ease of maintenance. During the work some issues did arise that were unexpected which were somewhat minor such as the configuration of the pool equipment plumbing. Our crew had to completely remove the old broken pool heater and re plumb the pad. These are surprises that anyone considering remodeling a swimming pool needs to be aware of. Typically speaking, we are working on pools that are old and some that are so old that they suffer from outdated construction methods.

during process pool remodeling montgomery, tx 77356 77316

  • This project completed in 4.5 weeks
  • Budget: $21,890.00 (after some additions)

custom swimming pool remodeling upgrades in texas


A pool can be much like a house in that it will need repairs and even a face-lift after so many years. You live with it everyday and if you don’t like the way it looks it just makes you wish it could be better. We know how it is! If this is your first time renovating a pool you have owned you are no doubt concerned with how the pool remodeling process is conducted, and what options are available, and what it will cost.

Doing the research before making the final decision to renovate your pool is a wise thing to do, and we hope you have found this article helpful in that regard! If you are planning to remodel your we hope the above information has helped provide some insight, but here are a few quick tips for when it’s time to getting it done.

  • Budget: You can finance a pool remodel, be sure to ask your lender. Just know exactly what your budget is before calling any pool companies to get bids. Know how much you can qualify for. Do yourself a favor and set an extra buffer of $2,000 in case of unforeseen repairs that are needed.
  • Understand what NEEDS to be done vs what CAN be done. Depending on your budget you may only get what is needed, but that’s ok as many nice options are available.
  • Ask questions to the companies that you call and make sure they can give you a straight answer without hesitation. Include questions like: “What other things should I be aware of that can cost me more money?”



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