Pool Tile Cleaning

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Pool Tile Scale Removal

Have you noticed the unsightly white scale line at the edge of your pool water tiles? Did you know there is a very simple process that removes this hard water scale from swimming pool tiles that guarantees like-new results!? Part of our pool restoration services includes pool tile cleaning. Almost every swimming pool will be subject to the deposits of hard water and chemicals, and now there is an easy way to keep up with it!

We use environmentally friendly blasting material that will not harm your landscaping or the pool filtration system

Even though our pool techs will brush the waterline tiles at each weekly pool service visit, the evaporation of the pool water will still cause deposits to form. Over the course of about 2 years the pool will develop a scale line. You can choose to leave this alone as it will not harm the pool or swimmers, but is usually not desired because it takes away from the visual appeal of the pool.

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