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Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning

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Have you noticed the unsightly white scale line at the edge of your pool water tiles?

swimming pool tile scale removal

Did you know there is a very simple process that removes this hard water scale from swimming pool tiles that guarantees like-new results!?

What is the most effective way to clean pool tiles?

  • Bead Blast/Sand Blast 

how to remove scale from pool tiles

Part of our pool restoration services includes pool tile cleaning.

Almost every swimming pool will be subject to the deposits of hard water and chemicals, and now there is an easy way to keep up with it!

Cleaning Calcium from Pool Tiles

Even though our pool techs will brush the waterline tiles at each weekly pool service visit, the evaporation of the pool water will still cause deposits to form. In about 2 years the pool will develop a scale line on the tile.

You can choose to leave this alone as it will not harm the pool or swimmers, but is usually not desired because it takes away from the visual appeal of the pool.

We use environmentally friendly blasting material that will not harm your landscaping or the pool filtration system

Should I replace or clean the pool tiles?

Pool tile restoration is typically less cost than replacing them. If the pool tile is old (more than 10 years) it can be hard to find the same replacement tiles to make spot repairs. So if you are missing pool tiles, or if most of the tile is cracked you may just consider replacing them all.

Reasons to consider pool tile cleaning services

  • Discoloration
  • Calcium build-up


Restore pool tiles like new!

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Many reasons for getting this done, and it is much more cost effective than replacing the swimming pool tiles. Consider restoring your pool versus replacing everything if you just want to get it to look it’s best again original quality.

Average cost of pool tile cleaning service is between $700 to $1,200 and in some cases more depending on the size of pool and total square footage of tile to be cleaned.

By doing this you can enjoy the pool much more as it will appear to look fresh and new again. Combine this service with a pool interior resurfacing and you have areal winning combination!


This method of swimming pool restoration can also be used on the pool coping stone or water features such as waterfalls or raised walls. Unless you just hate your pool tiles then this is one affordable way to restore the like-new results, guaranteed!

Are there other ways to clean my pool tile?


  • Glass Bead Blasting
    Round glass beads (about 10 microns) are used to clean the calcium, oil and grit off pool tiles and grout lines. Glass bead blasting is used primarily on Pebble Tec pools. The glass beads are easily cleaned up after the tile cleaning is complete, both on the deck and in the pool. It glass bead blasting will not alter the balance of the pool water chemistry.


  • Salt Blasting
    Makes use of mined mineral salt that is shot at low pressure.  When the salt hits the tile it frees the calcium from the pool tile’s surface. It is used on ceramic, sand stone and other tiles, (as well as on Pebble Tec, just not as effective). It’s natural, biodegradable, and is pH neutral and is considered the new, better way to clean pool tile.


  • Soda Blasting
    Soda blasting is similar to glass bead blasting, but uses sodium bicarbonate (Baking Soda), a much softer media. Used on stone, ceramic and sometimes Pebble Tec. It soda blasting can cause high pH and total alkalinity levels could go up a bit in larger pools.


Things that will NOT work to clean pool tiles

    • Baking soda
    • Borax
    • Vinegar 
    • Toothpaste 
    • Dish soap

FAQs about cleaning your pool tile

Yes you can use a pressure washer to clean pool tiles,although it may not work and results vary.

Using our pool tile blasting methods you can keep most of the water in the pool while cleaning the tiles.

You can use things like vinegar, Bi0-Dex 3000, CLR or other specialized pool tile cleaning chemicals but these are harsh to the tile & stone surfaces and usually produce less than desired results.

Using our pool tile bead blasting methods you can be swimming just as soon as we get everything cleaned back up!

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