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Swimming Pool Restoration

Renewing inground concrete pools for over 20 years

Answer this – do you love your pool?

The way it looks, and how it feels when you swim is a large part of owning a swimming pool. We can’t just dig a hole in the ground and fill it up to call it a pool, it has to look good and feel good! We use our pools for more than just swimming, there are many occasions, moments and memories made by it.

If you are using your pool for a background to an event, photographs, or simply stare at from in the house or on the patio why not make it look it’s best at an affordable price!

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Green to Clean Service

Swamp monster got your pool looking like a bowl of pea-soup? Steps to cleaning out a green pool:

  • Step 1 = Turn off your pool equipment
  • Step 2 = Call us NOW! (936) 701-1087

We have specifically trained our pool restoration team on how to properly handle the safety concerns of reclaiming a green pool and turning it crystal clear again without losing much water!

Let us help you fight the swamp monster and get your pool back again!

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Pool Resurfacing

Pool interiors serve 2 purposes, to seal the inside and protect against water loss and to look visually appealing. A pool is not a pool without water, and when the pool water reflects light from a great pool interior surface it sets the overall tone and theme.

Pool plaster surfaces generally last 10 – 15 years without having to reapply. Standard pool interiors may only last 10 years and do not feature many color options, while performance plaster surfaces like Wet Edge Pool Finishes offer a much longer lasting and colorful experience.

Here’s a few signs that you may need to replace your pool interior surface;

  • Etching: roughness of surface, causes blistering of feet, shows pits and is very porous.
  • Cracks: hairline or larger cracks indicate a weakened surface bond.

Although some plaster problems can be repaired while the scar of the blemish may still appear, it may be the best option to completely resurface with a new pool interior.

More about pool resurfacing, and other remodeling options here

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Tile Cleaning, Scale Removal

Water evaporates and there is no stopping it. When the water from your pool evaporates it will leave behind any contaminants and chemicals that were contained within it. This occurs at the waters edge across the surface of the pool and along the sides of spillways of where water flows openly.

This is a normal occurrence but can make the pool tile look unsightly, and thankfully there is a guaranteed way to remove pool tile scale making it look like new again! We help clients who want to keep their pools looking like new by using specialized blasting equipment to properly clean pool tiles, restoring them like the day it was installed.

Make your pool tile look brand new again!

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Mastic Sealant & Control Joints

Where the concrete meets the edge of a swimming pool is called the “Control Joint” and allows for the expansion and contraction of the pool concrete decking without disturbing the materials at the edge of the pool. When water is allowed into this gap it can erode compacted soil beneath the concrete slab.

Mastic sealer is important because it seals the control joint while allowing for expansion and contraction of the adjacent surfaces, a rubbery malleable type of sealer used for swimming pools and concrete.

Signs that you need to replace pool mastic:

  • Cracks forming on concrete near pool edge
  • Coping pieces becoming loose
  • Concrete decking is sinking lower than pool level

Ready to schedule a consultation for pool restoration?

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