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swimming pool equipment repairs

The pool equipment is most vital to keeping a sparking clean and enjoyable pool! If your pool equipment has problems you will know because the pool will not look or run as intended.


swimming pool heater repairs

It is no doubt a frustrating experience to have a pool that just will not stay clear! If the equipment that runs it does not work correctly all you will be left with is a green pond!

The troubling thing is that at some point something is going to break or stop working. Most pools over 15 years in the ground will experience the need for repairs, which could include structural issues – most commonly the device on the equipment pad.

  • Priming of Pumps
  • Visual Leak Inspection
  • Controls & Timers functions & settings
  • Filter Pressure Reading
  • Heater Operation (if applicable)
  • Salt System Readings & Settings (if applicable)


Two main places that you can have some problems over the years are at the pool (structural) and/or at the equipment pad. Some of the more common pool equipment repairs are:

Pool Equipment Plumbing

  • Bad o-rings, leaks at connections
  • Air bubbles in pump head (suction side leak)
  • Drip leaks at pipe joints
  • Upgraded a new pump but did not retro fit new pipe sizing

Pool Filters

  • Cartridge filter elements deformed & totaled
  • DE filter fins & internal parts rips & breaks
  • Multi-port valve stuck, leaks & failures (DE filters)
  • Cracks of the internal parts (from excessive pressure)

Pool Pumps

  • Leaks back near motor (main mechanical seal failure)
  • Leaks from the middle section (main housing gasket failure)
  • Leaks top pipe outlet (overheated or loosened fittings)
  • Fails to circulate water (clogged impeller or clogged filter)

Pool Heaters

  • Ignition failures can happen for various reasons, the main cause of pool & spa heater stop working is from lack of use and the elements clogging the system.

Pool Control Systems

  • Bad circuit boards (automation)
  • Failed HV relays (automated systems)
  • Timer motor failures (analog & dials)

Not repairing pool equipment can cost you more

Putting off the repairs to your pool might be causing more damage to your wallet AND the pool! For example, if you have leaks on the equipment it means that you are spending more money on water back into the pool and the chemicals because they will not hold steady. Note, if paying a company to maintain the pool might still result in extra charges in your bill for the use of additional chemicals.

swimming pool valve repairs

Not only do leaks cause havoc with your budget and time but also the same for pool equipment that is lacking in performance or is broken. For example, you may have a filter that is damaged allowing unfiltered water to enter back into the pool which results in never being able to have a clear pool!

Repair or Replace Pool Equipment

Worn, old pool equipment, parts, and components can be repaired many times in most cases. The older the parts however, could mean that you may no longer be able to repair and will be required to be replaced. In other circumstances it is a choice of the pool owner to replace old but working pool equipment for more updated and energy efficient pool equipment.

Here are some common reasons for replacing pool equipment rather than repairing:

  • Reduce pool operating cost with a more efficient pool pump
  • Replacement pool parts become obsolete, can no longer repair
  • Increase functionality of pool & spa with digital and wireless control features

Included with each pool maintenance package, we offer pool equipment inspections that will help detect any potential problems with your system.

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