Inground Pool Repairs

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Owning a swimming pool in Montgomery County, or anywhere else in the world could mean that one day you may experience an emergency, whether minor or major pool repair. In-ground pools are built to certain specifications and sustain integrity for a long period of time, well, they should always be. Even if the swimming pool is perfectly built it could experience a break-down and require an immediate repair.

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Pool Repair Inspection

Keeping a swimming pool repair-free starts with a good maintenance plan, and regular service tasks to be taken seriously, even if it seems insignificant. It is highly advised to provide at least the minimal service to a pool once per week, ensuring that you take a visual inspection to make sure everything seems to be working properly.

A few of the best ways to spot a potential pool problem that could lead to a repair are:

Check Daily

  • Water Level: Excessive need for water could indicate a leak
  • Make sure the pool has turned on per the set schedule
  • See if the auto pool cleaner has moved, or the collector bag has debris

Check Weekly

  • Visually inspect the pool equipment pad for leaks, wet spots
  • Inspect the lid of the main pool pump, make sure there are no air bubbles

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Repair or Replace Equipment

Worn, old pool equipment, parts, and components can be repaired many times in most cases. The older the parts however, could mean that you may no longer be able to repair and will be required to be replaced. In other circumstances it is a choice of the pool owner to replace old but working pool equipment for more updated and energy efficient pool equipment.

Here are some common reasons for replacing pool equipment rather than repairing:

  • Reduce pool operating cost with a more efficient pool pump
  • Replacement pool parts become obsolete, can no longer repair
  • Increase functionality of pool & spa with digital and wireless control features

We have a true passion for bringing older pools into the modern day, and with so many pool repair options available you can refresh your backyard into a new oasis all over again