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Owning a swimming pool could mean that one day you may experience an emergency, whether minor or major pool repair. In-ground pools are built to certain specifications and sustain integrity for a long period of time, well, they should always be. Even if the swimming pool is perfectly built it could experience a break-down and require an immediate repair.

Examples of major pool repairs

  • Crack in the pool losing water
  • Shifting unlevel pool decking

Examples of minor pool repairs

  • Loose of missing coping stones
  • Cracks forming in pool decking
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Keeping a swimming pool repair-free starts with a good maintenance plan, and regular service tasks to be taken seriously, even if it seems insignificant. It is highly advised to provide at least the minimal service to a pool once per week, ensuring that you take a visual inspection to make sure everything seems to be working properly.

A few of the best ways to spot a potential pool problem that could lead to a repair are:

Check Daily

  • Water Level: Excessive need for water could indicate a leak
  • Make sure the pool has turned on per the set schedule
  • See if the auto pool cleaner has moved, or the collector bag has debris

Check Weekly

  • Visually inspect the pool equipment pad for leaks, wet spots
  • Inspect the lid of the main pool pump, make sure there are no air bubbles

Our team handles many various types of general pool repairs such as

  • Coping cracks and loose pieces
  • Control joint sealant (mastic replacement)
  • Cracked or broken pool tiles
  • Chipped, Cracked and worn pool decking surfaces
  • Swimming pool safety features & devices

Pools in distress may cause safety hazards and can cost more money to repair down the road

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