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Swimming Pool Repair

Providing all pool repairs in Montgomery County

Everyone wants a perfect pool, but sometimes things break. Pool equipment and the moving components that make the pool system function properly wear down over time. In most cases things may just need a simple repair, in others, and when older parts become obsolete, may need to be replaced completely.

While proper installation a swimming pool and it’s equipment by an authorized pool builder near Montgomery County may not need repairs for many years, even a decade or two some pools are not installed properly and may require a bit more work. In either case, when things stop working on your swimming pool you can call on us anytime.

No matter if you have an in-ground gunite, fiberglass, or vinyl liner swimming pool – we have repaired them all!

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Pool Equipment Repairs

Your swimming pool relies on the equipment that runs it. To keep your pool equipment operating at it’s peak at all times we take a proactive approach to keeping it that way.

Included with each pool maintenance package, we offer pool equipment inspections that will help detect any potential problems with your system. Our 5 point pool equipment inspection is included with each plan and includes the following checks:

  • Priming of Pumps
  • Visual Leak Inspection
  • Controls & Timers functions & settings
  • Filter Pressure Reading
  • Heater Operation (if applicable)
  • Salt System Readings & Settings (if applicable)

The equipment acts as the heart of your pool, keep it in good health for a trouble free pool!

Find out more about pool equipment repairs

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Plumbing Repairs

Pool plumbing should always be installed with efficiency as the top priority, the less twists and turns means less stress on your pool pump. Not only can this cause performance issues with the pool equipment but can also make it harder to easily maintain the pool clarity and chemicals.

If your pool is suffering from performance loss, or worse, a leak, then it is extremely important to get it fixed as soon as possible. The loss of water in a pool causes you to spend more money on filling and the chemicals over time.

Our leak detection team can pinpoint the exact location of a pool leak even if the signs are not visible.

If your pool is losing more than 1 inch of water per week click here

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Coping, Tile & Other Repairs

We help you “cope” when it comes to cracking or loose structural materials. Sometimes swimming pools break, crack, or crumble, what can you do? There are many correct ways to fix general pool problems, having a professional pool repair company to rely on is key.

Our team handles many various types of general pool repairs such as

  • Coping cracks and loose pieces
  • Control joint sealant (mastic replacement)
  • Cracked or broken pool tiles
  • Chipped, Cracked and worn pool decking surfaces
  • Swimming pool safety features & devices

Pools in distress may cause safety hazards and can cost more money to repair down the road

Cracks, Chips, Dings and missing pieces on your pool? Click here

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Pool Repairs

Common Pool Repairs Inground Swimming Pools We service and repair all major swimming pool equipment brands that are commonly installed on swimming pools in Texas. The manufactures include Zodiac Pool Systems, Hayward Pool Products, Pentair Pool Products, Jandy, Polaris Pool Systems and more! In this article we are going over some common pool repair situations, […]