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Pool Remodeling Project

At Your Pool Service renovate & restore swimming pools & spas of various shapes, sizes and features all around Texas. This article features a recent project by our Conroe pool remodeling team. They have taken a 12 year old gunite swimming pool and upgraded most of the original materials including pool interior resurface, tile & coping replacement, new waterline tiles, replace mastic sealant, reconfigured the pool main water feature and more!

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Description of Project

Our team started with a call from our client who had received a referral from around the neighborhood. This customer, as many do, valued their swimming pool investment enough to make the decision to have certain updates & repairs combined in one project scope. The overall goal was to update the look, feel and appearance of the swimming pool itself and surrounding area could be cleaned up in hopes of making a great impression when they sell the home in a couple of years.

Consider a Pool Renovation If

  • Make it look new again.
  • Make some needed repairs.
  • Getting ready to sell the home in a few years.

It is hard to sell a home with a pool that is in disrepair, in most cases you will need to make the repairs, at minimum those pointed out by a qualified swimming pool inspector. On the same hand, it may be hard selling a home for the amount you hope to get if the pool looks bad.

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Tasks to Complete

Our team needed to work with the client to present all of the material samples that could be used to change the pool. One of the first steps in deciding on how you are going to remodel the pool is knowing what selections you have to work with. As part of the quotation process our team works with clients to discover the exact desired outcome.

Materials Used

Once looking over the many options available the client decided on a great set of selections based on complimentary colors & texture.

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Once the materials & quotation had been finalized, in order to create the new look there were several tasks that had to be completed. Our pool remodeling team in Conroe discovered the best approach to this pool & spa remodeling project was to replace the following:

  • Replace Pool Waterline Tiles
  • Replace Coping Stones
  • Reconfigure the existing water feature wall
  • Resurface Pool Interior

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Pool Renovation Project Overview

The overall process of a swimming pool remodel project is basically the same major steps with a few other details included, depending on the scope of work. You can (and should) bundle any other swimming pool repairs that need to be addressed at the time you do anything major like resurface or re-tile. In this project over just a few weeks was able to not only change the total look of this pool but also make some minor improvements along the way.

We were able to help the client decide on a new pool heater, and an ozone chlorine system to improve their experience. During the remodeling work some issues did arise that were unexpected, however minor, these are surprises that anyone considering remodeling their swimming pool needs to be aware of. Typically speaking we are working on pools that are old, and some that are so old that they suffer from old outdated building methods & practices.

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Timeline & Budget

Generally speaking a pool renovation could take up to 4 – 6 weeks, all depending on what type of work you are including, and of course, weather permitting. As we mentioned you may need to package in some repairs with the project, depending on what they are could extend the expected timeline. As for the more simple remodel projects such as pool resurfacing or pool tile cleaning those can be done much faster usually around 1 – 2 weeks.

  • This project was completed in 4 weeks
  • Budget: $19,895.00

completed photos swimming pool renovation montgomery county

Planning a Pool Remodel?

If you are planning to renovate your swimming hole we hope the above information has helped provide some insight, but here are a few quick tips for when it’s time to look at giving the pool a face-lift:

  • Know your budget: You can finance a pool remodel, be sure to ask your lender. Just know exactly what your budget is before calling any pool companies to get bids. Know how much you can qualify for. Do yourself a favor and set an extra buffer of $2,000 in case of unforeseen repairs that are needed.
  • Understand what NEEDS to be done vs what CAN be done. Depending on your budget you may only get what is needed, but that’s ok as many nice options are available.
  • Ask many questions to the companies that you call and make sure they can give you a straight answer without hesitation. Include questions like: “What other things should I be aware of that can cost me more money?”

This swimming pool remodeling project turned out amazing, the client really chose some great material selections, and our team in Conroe, TX installed them with outstanding quality. Thanks for reading this post, we hope you enjoyed seeing the results, and don’t forget to share!


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