Swimming Pool Restoration

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About Swimming Pool Restorations

In this article we will be providing some general knowledge and advice for swimming pool restoration projects. We hope to explain how a restoration is different from a pool remodeling project, but may involve some of the same tasks or related pool services.


Specifically we will be talking about gunite swimming pools that are in-ground. If you do not know what “gunite” is we will cover that topic in another post, just know that these pools are also called concrete swimming pools.

To get a good idea of the difference between pool remodeling and pool restoration is to know that in many cases, a restoration project may not include the replacement of materials, parts, or equipment. A restoration is about refurbishing the already existing materials that are installed to the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning

For example, in many cases instead of completely replacing the pool waterline tiles, we can offer a more affordable solution like “Media Blasting” which will clean the tiles and remove the hard water line.

This pool tile cleaning service produces immediate results, is guaranteed and environmentally friendly.

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This method of restoring swimming pool tiles can also be used on the pool coping stone or water features such as waterfalls or raised walls. Unless you just hate your pool tiles then this is one affordable way to restore the like-new look!

Pool Decking Restoration

Depending on the type of pool decking that is installed, you may have options to restore. Types of swimming pool decking surfaces that are easily restored are:

  • Spray Deck / Cool-Deck
  • Pea Gravel
  • Wood (Stained, Treated, Natural)

In most cases if the damages to the pool deck are not substantial enough to warrant replacement the surfaces above can easily be restored with a variety of techniques.

Swimming Pool Interior Resurfacing

Pool interior surfaces can be restored in only a few different ways before the material will need to be resurfaced. A a general rule, the pool interior surface should last up to 10 years without any major flaws, unless the water chemistry of the pool was not well-kept.


Some performance pool plaster surfaces are expected to last longer, such as quartz and pebble pool finishes, and the results may vary on the manufacture and the applicator. Resurfacing a swimming pool after 15 years of use is not surprising at all.



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