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Common Swimming Pool Repairs

We service and repair all major swimming pool equipment brands that are commonly installed on swimming pools in Texas. The manufactures include Zodiac Pool Systems, Hayward Pool Products, Pentair Pool Products, Jandy, Polaris Pool Systems and more!


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Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs

All of those devices and pipes that sit on the pool equipment pad are important to keeping your swimming pool looking and functioning at it’s best. Vital to having a swimming pool in the first place, because without pool equipment you would simply have a nicely designed pond.

Basic Pool Equipment Includes (but not limited to)

  • Filtration Pump
  • Pool / Spa Filter
  • Chlorine / Salt Sanitation
  • Spa Heater (If Applicable)
  • Timer Control System
  • Valves & Diverters

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One of the single most important devices on your pool equipment is the main pool filtration pump. It is required to run every single day for almost half a day. Over time these pumps may break down or form leaks for various reasons. Keep an eye out for any wet spots on the concrete these pumps are sitting on. See how we can repair pool equipment >

Pool Filter Repairs

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Filtration is a crucial factor for every swimming pool to be clear. Without a properly functioning swimming pool filter you may find that the water is always cloudy, and that chemicals do not seem to balance correctly of have much effect when added to the pool. There are a few parts inside of a swimming pool filter that can break over time. More information on how we clean swimming pool filters >

Pool Cleaner Repairs

swimming pool repairs near conroe, tx 77304 77302 77301

Cosmetic Pool Repairs

Swimming pool cleaners are the little guys behind the scene making everyone elses’ job easier. By running for about 3 hours per day these automatic pool cleaners will help pickup leaves and debris until the next time the pool is serviced.

From pool cleaners, swimming pool parts, pool safety, pool slides, to pool filters & pool pumps we can repair anything you need on your pool at a fair price. Our estimates are always free with no obligation.

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