Pool Remodeling

Professional pool renovation solutions

Not only do we help keep our clients pools repair-free and sparkling clean, there are some pools that require more of a complete renovation than a simple repair. Our expertise extends far beyond just keeping pools clean on a weekly basis, we can assist in some more major pool renovation solutions.

Our pool techs are always on the look-out for broken or weakened stones, cracks in the plaster, and leaks to make sure any issues are caught before getting out of hand.

Taking a proactive approach to the overall integrity of a swimming pool is important. Most of the signs that an inground pool needs repair or renovation include the following:

Pool Interior

  • Rough & Pitted or Cracking Pool plaster
  • Extreme color mottling or discoloration of pool interior finish
  • Cracked, missing or loose pool tiles

Pool Exterior

  • Settled or cracking concrete decking
  • Broken or missing control joint Mastic sealant
  • Loose or broken pool coping stones

Pool Equipment

  • Leaking pool equipment or plumbing
  • Excessive noise from pool pumps

Included with each of our 4 weekly pool maintenance plans our techs will always visually inspect your pool and equipment to make sure everything is running top notch before it turns into a large pool repair or remodeling project.

The Pool Renovation

Sometimes the pool does not look the way we would like and it may be the best option to completely renovate to create something new again. This can typically happen when a hew home owner finds that the pool doesn’t quite suit their style, or that the pool has been neglected for a long period of time, in either case, time to remodel!

In-ground concrete swimming pools have a variety of remodeling options available.

Pool Interior Surfaces

  • Standard pool interior pool surfaces
  • Performance pool interior finishes

Tile & Coping

  • Standard pool waterline tiles
  • Accent tiles
  • Premium glass pool tiles

Decking Surfaces

  • Cool Deck / Spray Deck Textured
  • Overlay textured
  • Flagstone, Tile, or paver decking surfaces

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Before & After Pool Remodeling

We have a passion for helping pool owners achieve the dream pool.

Montgomery County has been the home of many great pool remodeling projects and it is our pleasure to provide these services to our clients for over 20 years.