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Sometimes the pool does not look the way we would like and it may be the best option to completely renovate to create something new again. This can typically happen when a hew home owner finds that the pool doesn’t quite suit their style, or that the pool has been neglected for a long period of time, in either case, time to remodel, renovate or repair!

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  • You want to update the look.
  • Pay less for electrical operation.
  • Upgrade the way it works like automation.
  • Your pool has lots of repairs to make, might as well!
  • You’re selling the house soon and it has to look better.

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If you own a pool you have to see it everyday, it’s in your backyard! If you have to see it why not love how it looks! Selling a home with a pool that is in disrepair is not easy, in most cases you will need to make the repairs pointed out by a qualified swimming pool inspector. On the same hand, it may be hard selling a home for the amount you hope to get if the pool looks like it has problems.

Top Reasons for pool remodeling

Show your old pool some new love
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Signs you need pool remodeling

Sometimes a pool is in obvious need of a face-lift, other times repairs cause situations where other things need to be updated or replaced.

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Pool Interior Resurfacing

Rough & Pitted or Cracking Pool plaster
Extreme color mottling or discoloration of pool interior finish
Cracked, missing or loose pool tiles

Here’s a few signs that you may need to replace your pool interior surface:

  • Etching: roughness of surface, causes blistering of feet, shows pits and is very porous.
  • Cracks: hairline or larger cracks indicate a weakened surface bond.

Although some plaster problems can be repaired while the scar of the blemish may still appear, it may be the best option to completely resurface with a new pool interior.


Pool Exterior

Settled or cracking concrete decking
Broken or missing control joint Mastic sealant
Loose or broken pool coping stones


Pool Equipment

Leaking pool equipment or plumbing
Excessive noise from pool pumps
Equipment Upgrades / Updates


Generally a pool renovation could take anywhere between 4 – 6 weeks to fully complete and that timeline all depending on what type of work you are including, weather permitting. As we mentioned, you may need to combine some other repairs with the project, depending on what they are could extend the expected timeline.

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Work that is needed not seen at the time your quote was made could cause and extension of the timeline. As for the more simple remodel projects such as pool resurfacing or pool tile cleaning those can be done much faster usually around 2 – 3 weeks.

The latest tips for pool maintenance

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