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Pool Remodeling Process

Concrete Pool Remodeling & Renovations

Remodeling a swimming pool is a process. Read this post to find out all you need to know for your next pool remodeling project. If you have found this article chances are that you may have a swimming pool that could use a bit of TLC, maybe even a total make-over.

The structure of a swimming pool may remain intact for a lifetime, but over the decades of use and weather some of the materials used to create that once beautiful look may become faded, damaged, broken, or missing and needs to be replaced.

Swimming Pool Remodeling Overview

Swimming Pool remodeling is a general term used when describing making certain changes to the pool at one time, such as a combination of resurfacing, tile and coping replacement would be considered a pool remodeling project. Certain items can be replaced or re-finished individually, and some can not.

For example, you may not be able to replace only the pool coping without damages to the pool tile and, you can not replace only the pool tile without creating damages to the interior surface.

In-ground Pool Renovation is a term used when making vastly larger and more extreme change to the pool or spa such as changing the shape, adding a spa to an existing pool, or other considerably large improvements.

A basic pool remodel includes: tile replacement, coping repairs, pool interior resurface

A pool renovation could include: pool tile, coping, interior surface, add a spa to pool, replace concrete decking, add outdoor kitchen…etc

Preparing for the job:

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When remodeling a swimming pool, preparation is key to lasting quality. Be sure to check with your swimming pool remodeling contractor about the proper methods of prepping your pool for a remodel or renovation job.

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There is much demolition and construction debris created when preparing an inground swimming pool for remodel, and a major part of the process is to always create weeping holes in the bottom of the pool so that any water trapped under may be released without applying pressure to the structure of the pool.

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