How to Clean Your Swimming Pool

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Routine Pool Care Tips

Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance tips for pool owners

Here is our How-To Clean a Swimming Pool the right way.

Owning a swimming pool means that either yourself, a friend, a reluctant family member or a professional swimming pool service provider will need to make a routine about keeping it clean. Despite all of our technological advancements we still can’t make a swimming pool clean itself.

Because there are so many affordable swimming pools installed each year, and not everyone who purchases one is a water chemistry expert there is a true need for professional help when it comes to maintaining a swimming pool if not each week then at least from time to time. After-all, an in-ground pool is a large investment, so why not treat it with personalized care!?

Daily Checks (by the Pool Owner)

  • Visually check the pool water level
  • Add water to proper level as needed
  • Ensure the pool has been on for the day

The right pool cleaning tools will make all of the difference in efficiency and quality of swimming pool maintenance. Our team is trained using either your pool’s own power or self-powered cleaning systems that will not add stress to your pool system.

Highly efficient commercial grade pool cleaning equipment improves quality and efficiency, allowing for our pool techs to spend more time per pool on other details that help make us different than the average pool company in Montgomery County.

How to clean the pool

There are basically 2 ways to clean your pool, do it yourself, or hire a professional. This article focuses on the DIY pool service, homeowners who find a bit of therapeutic value in cleaning their own pools. We want to make sure that you are confident in your labors, a few tips to help make the process faster and with better results.

5 Pool Cleaning Tools you need

The right tools for cleaning a swimming pool will make all of the difference in how easy, and how fast you get the job done. When purchasing pool maintenance tools be sure to consider that quality is better than being frugal.

Tools you will need to effectively clean your swimming pool:

  • Telescopic Pool Pole 8′ / 14′
  • Nylon Pool Brush 18″ Length
  • Stainless Steel Wire Brush 9″ Length
  • Vacuum Head – Standard Size
  • Vacuum Hose 40′ Length

You may also want a trashcan that you can place leaves and other debris into.

Weekly Pool Care Checklist

What you should do each week to keep a clean swimming pool:

  • Brush Waterline Pool Tiles
  • Net out the surface debris
  • Empty all skimmer strainer baskets
  • Clean out auto pool cleaner bag
  • Setup System to vacuum
  • Vacuum pool and / or spa
  • Perform a water chemistry analysis
  • Adjust pool chemicals as needed
  • Inspection of pool equipment pad
  • Empty all pump baskets
  • re-prime system pressure
  • Check filter pressure reading (manually clean pool filter if required)

You need to be dedicated and perform each of these tasks on the same day each week.

In our experience in the Greater Houston & Montgomery County climates and the average amount of swimming a swimming pool in Texas will need service each week. Things such as water evaporation, splashing water out of the pool, and leaks can cause dilution of pool chemicals. Allowing a pool to go un-serviced for longer than a week may result in the formation of green algae.

Routine Tip

Clean the pool from the top down. Working with the pool tiles and the net first.

Brushing Tips

Brush the upper tiles first, and the pool bottom after vacuuming.

Net Tips

Move the net in a zig-zag motion overlapping strokes.

Vacuuming Tricks

  • When switching to spa, move quickly for less air pockets.
  • Close other suction valves for stronger vacuum.
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