Weekly Pool Service Plans

Each of our pool maintenance plans are provided on a weekly basis, usually the same day each week.


Weekly full pool service plan
$ 160
  • Comprehensive Plan
  • Pool + Spa

Pool Service Plan

Weekly chemicals only service
$ 95
  • Chemicals Only

Requirements to receive service.

Our pool service rates vary by location.

Starting prices for additional pool services

Pool Service

Pool Cleaning

Pool Chemicals

Pool Chemicals

Swimming Pool

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Plan Details

Full Service Plan
  • 10 point water test & analysis
  • Addition of required chemicals
  • Automatic pool cleaner clean & rinse
  • Rinse and clean skimmer baskets
  • 10 point pool equipment inspection
  • Net surface debris
  • Brushing of waterline tiles
  • Brushing of pool interior
  • Manually vacuum pool & spa interior
  • Control timer settings
  • Salt cell cleaning (if applicable)
  • Email reporting
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Basic Plan Details

Basic Service Plan
  • Chemicals Only
  • 5 Point equipment inspection
  • Email reporting

How we asses your pool service fees

Monthly rates for regular (residential) weekly pool cleaning services are also based on:

  • The size of pool (gallons)
  • Age of pool equipment (operating efficiency)
  • Surrounding environment & landscaping
  • NEC current standards
  • Local building & zoning standards


Give your pool the full service treatment each week. By including all of the above plus brushing & vacuum of the pool (and spa) interior, control setting inspection, salt cell cleaning (if required), backwash DE filter (if applicable). This is the most cost effective plan, or for those who prefer to leave the pool entirely to the professional. Get more details on this complete Weekly Pool Maintenance Plan.

Complete Weekly Pool Service Price per Month: $160.00 and up


The essential basic plan that includes basic chemical testing and adjustments, and a quick inspection of the pool and equipment on each visit. This plan allows you to clean your own pool while having the chemicals professionally monitored and adjusted, an economical win for everyone.

Chemicals Only Price per Month: $95.00 and up

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Pool Maintenance Plan Requirements

We provide services to many swimming pools, both brand new and old. Our goal is to provide the best service possible, to upkeep timely route schedules and completion of proper cleaning tasks we ask that your pool meet the following requirements:

Pool must have been built within last 20 years

Must have a working automatic pool cleaner in working condition
Pool / Spa equipment must be in perfect working condition, and without leaks

The main drain of pool suction must be working correctly
Plants must be trimmed to not touch the pool water
Drainage around the decking must not flood or create debris into pool

Our job is to work with our clients to make a better swimming pool experience in, and around the pool area. By following these simple guidelines you can enjoy a clean, blue worry-free pool everyday of the year, and our service team can easily keep it that way for you!

If you need help bringing your pool into the scope of these guidelines we will be happy to work with you to make any accommodations or repairs you may need.

FAQs about pool maintenance plans and pricing

Military discounts are available 1 per account for no sales tax on parts.

A Senior discount may be applied 1 per account for select services.

Our pool service, repair, and remodeling estimates are always free.

Yes, all routine pool maintenance programs are based on advance payments due at the beginning of the month of service.

We may ask that you agree to a service contract based on 3, 6, or 12 month terms.

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Here’s the fine print

Prices are subject to change at any time and without notice. *Prices vary by location. Each service agreement must be quoted by a representative during an on-site evaluation. All prices listed herein represent minimum service plans for average sized swimming pools containing 15,000 gallons or less and within our service locations. Payments for weekly swimming pool maintenance service agreements are processed on a monthly basis at the beginning of every month between the 1st & 3rd. Deposit of the total monthly due for pool service plan chosen is required to start service. Prices quoted within the pricing table above are subject to qualification based on minimum standards or specifications. *Basic chemical adjustments include chlorine or salt, muriatic acid, etc. **Base & Full service chemicals include chlorine or salt, muriatic acid, phosphate remover, metal sequestration