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One-Time Pool Service

Do you need the pool ready for a big event?

Are you away on vacation and want a pro to check on the pool?

Are you a DIY pool owner needing a little help with?

We’ll have the pool clean for you.

Consider it done


You may take care of the pool yourself most of the time, and that’s  cool! When you run into trouble it’s nice to have a company on call to help you through a situation.

  • Pool service for realtors
  • Opening pool for the season
  • Closing pool for the season

Common reasons for one-time pool service


Most pools can be serviced within 2 – 3 hours but some situations may require multiple followup visits.

The services that we provide during the one-time pool service call depends on what your needs are but can include:

    • Pool Vacuuming
    • Surface Skimming
    • Brush tile & walls
    • Inspect pool equipment
    • Empty skimmers, pump basket, and pool cleaner bag
    • Adjust the water chemistry (chemicals included)
    • Backwash or clean pool filter
    • Adjust water level if needed
    • Drain and clean pool
    • Acid wash pool

FAQs about on-time pool cleaning services

If you can’t turn the pool blue chemically, then you may need to drain out the water. If not so bad you can expect to pay between $150 and $300. For extremely dirty pools (that look like a swamp) you may be looking at around $500 to $800.

If the pool is fairly clean and just needs a normal service call it can cost between $90 and $160 in most areas of the US.

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