Pool Leak Detection

Finding & fixing swimming pool leaks

If your pool is losing more than one inch of water per week, you might want to just check and make sure that you do not have a leak. Leaks can form in many different places, at the pool equipment, the plumbing under the decking are just to name a few. It is more common that the equipment or plumbing pipes leak than the structure of the pool.

Two types of leaks effecting swimming pools are “structural” & “non structural”

As trained professional swimming pool operators with experience in the construction process of swimming pools, we can diagnosis the type, source and location of a pool leaking water. Here are a few symptoms of a leaking pool you can check:

Pool Interior

  • Visible Cracks in the plaster finish
  • Filling with water daily

Pool Exterior

  • Damp soil near pool or plumbing

Pool Equipment

  • Leaking pool equipment or plumbing

Our pool service techs are specifically trained to notice any potential leak while performing their weekly pool care tasks.

Is your pool losing more than one inch of water per week?



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